EndoTherm has today confirmed compatibility with Adey’s leading line of corrosion inhibitors MC1 Protector and MC1+ Protector. This follows similar approvals from Sentinel and compatibility confirmation with Fernox MB-1

‘Adey have confirmed that EndoTherm is compatible with their MC1 Protector and MC1+ Protector inhibitors at recommended concentrations under normal central heating system temperatures and pressures. 

This conclusion has been reached based upon assessment of testing undertaken to the BuildCert/NSF CIAS Methodology within a BuildCert/NSF accredited laboratory.

These results show that efficacy of the Adey products for corrosion control and scale control will not be adversely affected by the presence of EndoTherm at its recommended concentration within a domestic closed loop heating system

Neil Watson – Chief Technical Officer (Adey)’

For more information or to see the this confirmation of compatibility contact us on enquiries@endoenterprises.com