Following the publishing of the EndoTherm case study at Vancouver Airport (click here) on the Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC)’s website. The success of EndoTherm at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) has been released in the BEIC September Quarterly newsletter

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The BEIC was founded in 2016 by a diverse group of Real Estate and Corporate leaders. Lead by BGIS, this is an industry driven council established to accelerate the collaboration, innovation and adoption of clean building technologies including energy efficiency and renewable prower stations that will transform the built environment, while developing world class clean tech companies, creating jobs and enabling economic prosperity in a future low carbon era.

‘The BEIC is an industry-driven initiative to accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies across Canada’

Being showcased by the BEIC is a fantastic endorsement for the EndoTherm technology which is still relatively new in the Canadian market. The performance of EndoTherm at UFV was reviewed 12 months after EndoTherm was installed, allowing for a full heating season of data to be collected. 

To evaluate energy savings, a two-year heating energy baseline was weather normalized using Heating Degree Days (HDD) from the weather station at Abbotsford Airport. Efficiency performance was determined following the guidelines of the International Protocol for Measurement & Verification of Performance (IPMVP) which compares the predicted consumption based of the previous baseline to the actual consumption achieved in the post install period.  

The University of Fraser Valley’s EndoTherm installation resulted in a reduction of 3,488 GJ of natural gas, with an operational savings of over $32,000 per year. The reduction in natural gas consumption is a direct reduction in carbon emissions, saving over 170 Metric Tonnes of CO2e which is equivalent to the emissions of 35 cars per annum. 


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