Case Study

Allegany College of Maryland
Science Centre

Cumberland, Maryland. USA



$3,669 (USD)


50,389 kg

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by Allegany College of Maryland at their Science Centre in Cumberland, Maryland. The installation was in partnership with water technologies company Guardian CSC.

The Science Center is one of their largest energy consumers on campus. The space is heated by a 4113MBH Power Flamer Burner boiler with a circulation rate of 230gpm. The boiler is not used for any other purpose other than heating making it an ideal location for a pilot.

Usage data was collected for the Science Center using historical billing data over the last two years. A baseline regression graph was constructed taking guidance from the International Protocol for the Measurement & Verification of Performance (IPMVP) normalized using Heating Degree Days from nearby Martinsburg Airport at a baseload of 65°F.

EndoTherm Allegany College of Maryland Regression Graph


Time Period HDD Predicted Usage (thm) Actual Usage (thm) Saving (thm)
Jan-Feb 2019 1,093.70 9,359.76 7,921 1,438.76
Feb-March 2019 824.20 7,373.28 5,918 1,455.28
Mar-Apr 2019 668 6,221.93 4,799 1,422.93
TOTAL   22,954.97 18,638 4,316.97

The three months after EndoTherm was installed show a significant reduction in the consumption compared with the historical trendline. It is also worth noting that the month before EndoTherm was installed was above the trendline suggesting the improvement in efficiency falls perfectly inline with the addition of the energy conservation measure.



Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$3,669.42 (USD)

Total CO2 Saving:

50,389 Lbs



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