Case Study

Borough of Lansdale

PA, United States

$1,052 (USD)


13,640 lbs

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by the Borough of Lansdale at their Administration Building, 1 Vine Street, Lansdale PA. The building is home to the municipality’s county hall, administration services and police department.

One year after the installation a review into the performance of EndoTherm was undertaken in six sites. The sites were selected as they showed the strongest regression and were therefore suitable for comparison.

The preferred methodology follows the International Protocol for Measurement & Verification of Performance (IPMVP). An initial baseline was constructed using two-years of historical data normalized with Heating Degree Days (HDD) taken from nearby Philadelphia Wings Airport at a baseload of 65°F.

The baseline shows that consumption has increased over the past six-months, thus a shorter baseline has been chosen. Consumption for the three-months can be compared with this baseline and consumption predicted.

EndoTherm - Borough of Lansdale Graph


Month HDD Predicted Consumption (CCF) Actual Consumption (CCF) Difference (CCF) CUSUM (CCF)
Dec 19 – Jan 20 1,006.8 4,427.70 3,899 528.70 58.70
Jan 20 – Feb 20 879.2 3,791.59 3,305 486.59 1,015.3
Feb 20 – Mar 20 592.0 2,643.11 2,442 201.11 1,216.41
Total 2,475 10,862.41 9,646 £2,534.62



Total Average Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$1,052 (USD)

Total CO2e Saving:

13,640 lbs

During the initial three-month post-analysis period the predicted consumption was 1216.41 CCF higher than the recorded consumption from monthly gas bills. This is an 11.2% reduction. The baseline (non-gas consumption) on site is domestic hot-water (DHW) and calculated to be 10% of total consumption. This means EndoTherm only impacts 90% of consumption raising the saving to 12.4%.


“The process of installing EndoTherm went smoothly with no interruption to the normal function of our building. Our goal is to save on energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can. Thanks again for helping us reach a 12.5% saving on our natural gas usage!”

Facilities Manager

Borough of Lansdale


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