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BGIS - Canadian Provincial Government




$2,660 (CAD)


25,470 kg

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by a Canadian Provincial Government and BGIS on one of their buildings, heated by 2 x 3,500 MBH boilers.

Historic consumption was provided for the three years prior to EndoTherm installation. This can be normalized using heating degree day (HDD) data from a local weather station (at a base-load of 18°C) to look at historical trends of consumption.

The data showed a clear increase in consumption over the past 18 months (since September 2017). The baseline will therefore be shortened to reflect this consumption change. Summer consumption will also be removed to provide a trend-line more reflective of the dataset during the colder winter months. The baseline also considers the base-load or gas consumption that is not related to space heating and thus not impacted by EndoTherm. A base-load of 10% has been suggested in a previous energy audit which is supported by the baseline trend-line.


EndoTherm - Canadian Provincial Government Graph


Month HDD Predicted Consumption (GJ) Actual Consumption (GJ) Difference (GJ)
Feb 2019 1,111 804.69 741 63.69
Mar 2019 742 557.79 472 85.79
Apr 2019 420 342.34 322 20.34
May 2019 254 231.27 207 24.27
Total 1,853 1,936.09 1,742 194.09



Total Average Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$2,660 (CAD)

Total CO2e Saving:

24,470 kg


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