Case Study

Centre de Services des Bois-Francs - Multiple sites

Quebec, Canada

$$4,123 (CAD)


19,600 kg

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by Centre de Services des Bois-Francs, a school district in Bois-Francs, Quebec.

EndoTherm was installed into the boiler system at multiple schools and monitored alongside four-control sites over the 2020/21 heating season.

A baseline analysis was conducted on several schools operated by the school district using historical billing data from Energir from October 2018.

The standard methodology for an EndoTherm pilot project takes guidance from the International Protocol for the Measurement & Verification of Performance (IPMVP) Option C which uses total gas natural gas consumption. These sites have a small baseload with a minimal Domestic Hot Water (DHW) load. Natural Gas consumption is normalised for variances in outside temperature using Heating Degree Days (18.5°C) from nearby Thetford Mines airfield (CMTH).

A regression line is calculated from the historical consumption. A trendline is calculated which can be used to predict consumption (y) based on a known HDD value for that month. This can be compared with the calculated consumption for any given month to determine a change in demand caused by the EndoTherm ECM.

It is noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on occupancy and thus demand on site. Many schools closed in March 2020, this can be reflected in a reduction in consumption in some (but not all) sites.

With schools (and buildings in general) re-opening in September 2020, ASHRAE released guidance to:

  1. Increase outdoor air ventilation.
  2. Disable demand control ventilation.
  3. Further open minimum outdoor air dampers as much as 100% thus eliminating recirculation of air.
  4. Keep systems running longer hours (24.7 if possible) to help circulation of air.
  5. This has caused a well document general increase in energy consumption across buildings in North America.

    It was therefore decided to run the same analysis for four elementary schools that had not been dosed with EndoTherm to act as a control for comparison.

    Consumption between September – November 2020 was also isolated to look at impacts that the scheduling changes. For example, for École St-Gabriel-Lallemant – Section Église demonstrated a clear increase in consumption over the three months between the 27th August and 24th November (two days before EndoTherm was installed).

    Thus, École St-David and École St-Gabriel-Lallemant – Section Église the shorter baseline in Fall 2020, reflective of the conditions when EndoTherm was installed is used for comparison.


EndoTherm Dosed Sites:

Site Name Pilot Length Consumption Saving (m3) Saving (%) Financial Saving
École St David 5 Months 6,998.03 14.80% $2,799.212
École St-Gabriel-Lallemant 5 Months 2,323.42 8.74% $929.3684
École Monseigneur-Milot 4 Months 988.24 6.69% $395.297

Control Sites (No EndoTherm):

Site Name Pilot Length Consumption Saving (m3) Saving (%)
École de La Fermentière 5 Months -124.85 -0.73%
École Saint-Cœur-de-Marie 5 Months -57.73 -0.55%
École Sainte-Julie 5 Months -445.67 -4.03%
École Jean XXIII 5 Months -331.45 -2.68%

Over the 5-month period the EndoTherm sites showed savings at all sites ranging from 6.69% to 14.80% with an average saving of 10.08%.

The control sites (no EndoTherm) all showed small increases in consumption. The average increase was 2%. Thus, the difference between EndoTherm sites and the control sites is 12.08%.



Averag Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$4,123 (CAD)

Total CO2e Saving:




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