Case Study

Coleg Gwent - Campus Rollout

Wales, United Kingdom



£2,534 (GBP)


25,909.50 kg

Coleg Gwent is Wales’s largest further education college. EndoTherm was rolled out across Coleg Gwent’s four main campuses (Ebbw Vale, Usk, Newport and Crosskeys) in February and March 2019. A total of 26 buildings were dosed with EndoTherm as part of the roll-out project.

One year after the installation a review into the performance of EndoTherm was undertaken in six sites. The sites were selected as they showed the strongest regression and were therefore suitable for comparison.

The preferred methodology follows the International Protocol for Measurement & Verification of Performance (IPMVP). An initial baseline for each site was constructed using historical half-hourly data (converted into a daily format) normalised with Heating Degree Days from Cardiff Wales Airport (at a baseload of 15.5°C).

EndoTherm - Colleg Gwent Graph


Site Name Install Date Saving (%) Energy Saving (kWh) Financial Saving (£)
Crosskeys C 2019-03-01 15.9% 36,332.83 £653.99
Crosskeys T 2019-03-01 19.56% 46,181.69 £831.27
Crosskeys R 2019-03-01 5.09% 6,897.22 £124.15
USK F 2019-02-26 11.16% 15,362.34 £276.52
USK K 2019-02-26 12.76% 4,787.84 £86.18
Newport WKSPS 2019-02-27 17.16% 31,250.55 £562.51
Total 13.6 (AVG) 140,812.46 £2,534.62



Total Average Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

£2,534.62 (GBP)

Total CO2e Saving:

25,909.5 kg


“The EndoTherm project certainly hasn’t disappointed, installation was extremely simple, after monitoring the performance for just over 1 year the saving averaged out at 13.6% on heating consumption which also related to a significant reduction in our carbon emissions.

Now being tested and CIBSE approved this has given us the confidence to recommend EndoTherm to other potential users.”

Director (Estates & Facilities)

Coleg Gwent


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