Case Study

Drewlo Holdings - Phase 2, Multiple Locations

Ontario, Canada

$55,392 (CAD)


267,645 kg CO2e

Following the previous success seen by Drewlo Holdings a phase 2 pilot in 6 locations was approved and followed for the 2021/22 heating season.

The 6 sites were selected based on having stable operation / occupancy for comparison and good water treatment history. The system volume was determined using a lithium test and EndoTherm was installed at 1% of total system volume.

The analysis methodology takes guidance from IPMVP (Option C). A baseline for each site was created using monthly natural gas consumption data stretching back to the 2018/2019 heating season. It is noted that several of the sites had an abundance of estimated billing data which can impact the accuracy of these analyses.

These values were normalised using temperature data in the form of heating degree days taken from spatially located weather states dependent on the site location. A predicted value for each day in the post-install period (compiled from the trend-line for the baseline data) was compared against the recorded consumption value.

During the baseline, the impact of COVID-19 is considered at all the install sites. COVID-19 saw people at home for longer durations due to restrictions introduced during initial lock-downs, and many households have continued this trend as they migrate towards flexible / remote working.

Analysis showed slight increase in normalised consumption since March 2020, therefore for this project a shorter baseline will be used for comparison.

EndoTherm is designed to boost the efficiency of space heating HVAC and not domestic hot water (DHW) or pool heating. Thus the baseload for each site was calculated factoring in the presence of a pool on site to allow the calculation of space heating savings vs total gas savings. It has been estimated that sites with pools/DHW use 60% of their gas for space heating (40% baseload) whilst those without a pool use 70% of their gas for space heating (30% baseload).

Figure 1: Example Pre vs Post EndoTherm install at 100 Plains.

EndoTherm was installed into the pilot locations in October – November 2021 and analysis was run until the end of the heating season in May 2022. It is noted that the pilot length of the sites in London and Woodstock were shorter as the Fall 2021 period was all estimated readings and thus actual meter readings (AMR) were physically taken for the purpose of the pilot between February 2022 – May 2022.


Site Name Date Installed Pilot Length Total Saving (%) Space Heating Saving (%)
560 Queens 2021-11-01 5 Months 10.4% 17.4%
100 Plains 2021-11-01 5 Months 11.2% 16.0%
168 Plains 2021-11-01 5 Months 13.0% 21.7%
405 Waterloo 2021-11-06/td> 3 Months 0.48% 0.69%
675 Windermere 2021-11-22 3 Months 10.42% 14.89%
800 Chieftain 2021-11-02 3 Months 8.05% 11.50%



Average Space Heating Saving:


First Year Financial Saving:

$55,392 (CAD)

Total CO2e Saving:

267,645 kg CO2e



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