Case Study

Grand River Hospital
850 King Street

Ontario, Canada



$1,170 (CAD)


8,100 kg

A pilot of EndoTherm was run by Grand River Hospital at 850 King St. in Kitchener, Ontario. The two-floor building offers Outpatient Mental Health Services. EndoTherm was installed on the 26th March 2018 and calculations began on the start of the next billing cycle (30th March). Usage is normalized using Heating Degree Days (HDD) from nearby Waterloo Well Airport (CYKF) using a baseload of 18.5°C.

Historical gas consumption was provided from January 2016 and used to create a baseline regression analysis. The trendline (y = 8.9402x – 558.88) from this data creates a predicted consumption where m3 consumed can be calculated from the known HDD value of that time period. The values after EndoTherm was installed have been plotted on the same regression graph for comparison.

Due to the low summer consumption the data for May – September has been eliminated from consideration. The pilot considers consumption during the ‘heating season’ stretching from October to April.


Month HDD Predicted Usage (m3) Actual Usage (m3) Usage Difference (m3) CUSUM
April 2018 522.8 4,115 3,952 163 163
Oct 2018 325.5 2,351 1,155 1,196 1,359
Nov 2018 554.7 4,400 4,422 -22 1,337
Dec 2018 608 4,877 4,241 636 1,973
Jan 2019 814 6,718 5,640 1,078 3,052
Feb 2019 630.9 5,081 4,696 385 3,437
Mar 2019 674.4 5,470 4,817 653 4,091
Apr 2019 396.5 2,986 2,724 262 4,352
TOTAL   35,999 31,647 4,352  


Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$1,170 (CAD)

Total CO2 Saving:

8,100 kg

During the 13-month pilot window (8 months of analysis) the predicted consumption from the baseline trendline was 35,999m3 but the recorded consumption was just 31,647m3. This is a reduction of 4352m3, a saving of 12.09%.

In the province of Ontario, the Carbon Tax is roughly 0.039$ per m3. Combining this with a province average unit price of 0.23$ per m3 (combined 0.269$ per m3) this is a saving of $1,170. The expected return on investment is just over two years.

A reduction in gas consumption is also a direct reduction in CO2e released into the atmosphere. Saving 4,352m3 is the equivalent emissions of 8,100kg of CO2. This is the same amount of CO2 released by 1.7 passenger cars per annum or sequestered by 9.5 acres of forest each year.

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