Case Study

HSBC Branch Rollout

United Kingdom



£27,786 Per Year


1,389,336 kWh

HSBC is an international banking group with around 600 branches in the UK. EndoTherm was rolled out into 130 branches in Phase 1 with Phase 2 commencing 2021. Each of the banks selected have wet heating systems
which are powered by gas. Based on £0.02 per kWh, HSBC spend circa £213,744 on heating costs of the 130 branches, per annum.

As part of their carbon reduction & sustainability strategy, HSBC piloted EndoTherm to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as to lower their carbon footprint.

Following various site surveys and analysis, five sites were used for pilots. Each heating system was analysed to calculate the volume of EndoTherm required.

M&V Equipment was installed at the pilot sites and two weeks of data was captured and analysed before EndoTherm was installed to calculate a baseline to measure post EndoTherm results against.

EndoTherm was installed and pre and post samples were taken to ensure EndoTherm was dosed at the correct concentration.

The post-EndoTherm gas consumption data was analysed & compared to the pre-EndoTherm data compensated by using HDD from local weather stations. The results were reported back to HSBC.

Objections and Obstacles

HSBC branches are of varied sizes and building types with the heating systems ranging from very new to very old. Part of the challenge of the pilot was to demonstrate that EndoTherm would be viable in all types of building stock. M&V instruments were not installed as standard in branches before pilot.


Pilot sites were chosen to reflect the variety of stock and M&V equipment was installed to ensure that any changes made to consumption by EndoTherm were properly captured and understood.


Clear savings were made at all of the pilot sites within a very short period of time ranging from 5% to 20%. On the basis of these savings, HSBC decided to roll-out to 130 branches with further branches planned for 2020-2021. Expected savings per year for the 130 branches with EndoTherm installed are £27,786 per year.HSBC are delighted with this outcome.


Total Saving:


Total Cash Saving per year:

£27,786 (GBP)

Total CO2e Saving:

1,389,336 kWh



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