Case Study


Ontario, Canada



$11,782 (CAD)


85,200 kg

The new owners of J&B Greenhouses began looking at ways to improve efficiencies related to running a year-round greenhouse in Southern Ontario, Canada as heating a poly greenhouse is a major variable expense.

EndoTherm was installed into the system in early March 2018 at the same time as a corrosion inhibitor.

Due to the recent purchase of the property and change in site use historical data was only available from January 2017 to February 2018. This was used to create a baseline regression graph which the post-EndoTherm consumption can be compared.

EndoTherm J&B Greenhouses Regression Graph

The predicted consumption for the known HDD value for the billing month (from nearby weather station in Burlington Piers, Ontario) is taken from the above baseline trendline (y = 57.081x – 5286.6). What follows is a comparison with the actual consumption to identify a change in the consumption patterns. The greenhouse does have some variability but a pilot over 12 months will show an overall trend improvement.


Billing Month HDD Predicted Usage (M3) Actual Usage (M3) Saving (M3)
March 2018 756.6 37,900.885 32,412 5,488.89
April 2018 753 37,695.393 29,625 8,070.393
October 2018 518.9 24,332.731 10,927.99 13,404.74
November 2018 691 34,156.371 29,224.47 4,931.901
December 2018 788.3 39,710.352 34,511.9 5,198.452
January 2019 1,005.5 52,108.346 50,925 1,118.345
February 2019 1,024.7 53,204.301 45,956.55 7,247.751
TOTAL   279,108.38 233,582.9 45,525.48

The usage in March – February 2019 had reduced by 16.31% compared to the baseline immediately before installation.



Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$11,782 (CAD)

Total CO2 Saving:

85,200 kg


“Historically the temperature was staying around one degree lower than what the system called for at nights. Within two days after installing the EndoTherm we noticed that the temperature was reading within 0.1°C of the temperature requested from the heating system.”

Steve Hoover & Patricia Weise Hoover

Owners, J&B Greenhouses