Case Study

Millersville University - Luek Hall

PA, United States



$897.60 (USD)


10,560 lbs

The performance of EndoTherm is being piloted by Millersville University at the Susan P. Luek Hall (formerly named Byerly Hall). The building, established in 1929, was initially a laboratory school for the college but now houses the Universities psychology department.

A baseline was constructed comparing historical consumption from September 2017 until August 2019 with heating degree days (HDD) from the nearby airport at Lancaster Airport (65°F chosen baseload).

Analysis of the baseload showed a notable increase in consumption since summer 2018 and the baseload was subsequently altered to include this.

EndoTherm - Millersville University Graph


The consumption each month post-EndoTherm install was compared with the predicted consumption:

Predicted Consumption (CCF) Actual Consumption (CCF) Difference (CCF) Difference
11,741.90 10,838 903.90 7.70%

After seven months the consumption is 7.7% lower than the predicted consumption. This site has a notable baseload (an average of 35% of consumption based on the historical data). EndoTherm can only impact the consumption impacted by HDD (aka space heating) thus the space heating saving is 11.71%.



Total Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$897.60 (USD)

Total CO2e Saving:

10,560 lbs


During the pilot period Luek Hall underwent some scheduling and demand changes. In December 2019 set points were increased for a few weeks to coincide with colder than anticipated temperatures. Usage increased in March 2020 most likely due to an increase in fresh air ventilation on site which co-incides with the COVID-19 outbreak. These have not been removed from the analysis, but removal of these two months increases savings to 11.57% (18% removing baseload).

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