Case Study

200 Rue Montcalm

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

$7,011 (CAD)


110,400 kg

A pilot of EndoTherm was run by Multivesco at 200 Rue Montcalm in Gatineau after recommendation from WSP’s team in Ottawa. This modern, glass fronted Class A office is heated and cooled by a two-pipe heat pump system. This means EndoTherm will provide improvements in heat transfer throughout the heating and cooling season. The product was installed into Tower 1 which takes up 60% of total electrical consumption of the site.

The site is not sub-metered and thus the total consumption includes other electrical loads such as lighting / computers. This baseload (none-HVAC consumption) will be identified as part of the analysis. 60L of EndoTherm was installed into the system in January 2019.

The measurement & verification is based on the ‘International Protocol for the Measurement & Verification of Performance (IPMVP).’ Historical data was supplied by WSP/Multivesco over the past 2 years. This did include some estimated data which was eliminated from consideration. The consumption data was normalized using Heating & Cooling Degree Data from the nearby weather station at Gatineau Airport at a baseload of 18.5°C.

The billing data for April/May and May/June was estimated data. Thus the meter reading taken on the 31st July 2019 suggests that this estimate was on the low end as the value for June – July was higher. If you average these three months there is a saving compared to similar months in previous years.

The final time monthly period runs from the 23rd June – 31st July runs for 38 days. This is seven days more than the rest of the monthly periods and thus the non-electrical baseload will be increased. To reflect this the baseload will be increased from 293,403kWh to 359,655kWh.

The predicted consumption is calculated by inputting the combined HDD+CDD into the line of best fit equation y= 317.7x + 293,403. This is compared with the predicted consumption to calculate the saving during the time period.


From To No. Days HDD CDD HDD+CDD Usage
Data Type Predicted
2019-01-24 2019-02-23 30 901.1 0 901.1 545,400 Actual 579,682.47 34,282.47
2019-02-24 2019-03-25 29 745 0 745 525,600 Actual 530,089.5 4489.5
2019-03-26 2019-04-23 28 446.5 0 446.5 360,000 Actual 435,256.05 75,256.05
2019-04-24 2019-05-23 29 261.7 2 263.7 287,100 Estim 377,180.49 90,080.49
2019-05-24 2019-06-23 30 102.7 29.1 131.8 287,100 Estim 335,275.86 481,75.86
2019-06-23 2019-07-31 38 14.3 171.5 185.8 411,300 Actual 418,683.66 7,383.66
TOTAL   184 2471.3 202.6 2,673.9 2,416,500   2,676,168.03 259,668.03


Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$7,011 (CAD)

Total CO2 Saving:

110,400 kg

Over the 6-month pilot period the actual consumption was 259,668kWh lower than the predicted consumption. This is a 9.7% reduction in consumption. It is worth noting that the baseload (293,403kWh) for each month is roughly 50% of the total consumption thus cooling accounts for only 50% of total consumption. This would make the HVAC saving 19.4%. As EndoTherm was only installed into Tower 1 (60%) the saving is therefore 11.64%

This is higher than the average saving achieved by EndoTherm over the past 5 years and can most likely be accounted for by variance in other electrical consumption on site. At 4.5c/kWh this is a saving of $7,011. This also confirms that the product investment has a typical ROI within 1 year.

Each kWh saving is also a reduction of CO2e. The total saving is equivalent to 110,400kg (110.4 metric tonnes) of CO2e.

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