Case Study

Waterloo Regional School District Board

Ontario, Canada

277.88 M3


520 kg CO2e

As part of their due diligence into the EndoTherm technology the energy management team at Waterloo Regional District School Board decided to run a pilot at the Blair Outdoor Education Centre.

Blair is one of five Outdoor and Environmental Education Centres, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic the site was not occupied (with the exception of a custodian) making it a great control site for EndoTherm analysis.

Due to a number of estimated bills the chosen analysis methodology included weekly meter readings across the 2021/22 heating season with EndoTherm installed mid-way through the heating season (end of January 2022). Weekly meter readings were normalized using Heating Degree Days (HDD) from Waterloo Well Airport (CYKF) at a base temperature of 18.5°C.

The baseline (above) shows a strong correlation between consumption and Heating Degree Days validating the selection of the site. The site does show a slightly stronger correlation with a polynomial regression (R2 of 0.9712) and a equation of y =-0.0033×2 + 2.4836x – 70.441 where x is the HDD value for each week therefore this will be the lead analysis (though both linear and polynomial regressions will be considered).

EndoTherm was installed into the Blair Centre on the 28th January 2022.

Post-Install EndoTherm Comparison at Blair Centre


Reading Date HDD Usage (M3) Predicted (Linear) Predicated (Polynomial)
04-Feb-22 194.2 236 274.17 287.42
11-Feb-22 173.2 215 246.65 260.72
17-Feb-22 156.3 204 224.51 237.13
25-Feb-22 181.4 238 257.40 271.49
04-Mar-22 173.3 226 246.78 260.86
11-Mar-22 136.7 188 198.82 207.40
18-Mar-22 136.2 178 198.16 206.61
25-Mar-22 98.3 144 148.50 141.81
01-Apr-22 140.8 192 204.19 213.83
08-Apr-22 105.1 142 157.41 154.13
14-Apr-22 72.1 92 114.16 91.47



Total Saving:


Total Energy Saving:

277.88 M3

Total CO2e Saving:

520kg CO2e


Carbon Reduction Equivalents:


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