Case Study

Wenke Greenhouses

MI, United States



$6,013.98 (USD)


134,420 lbs

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by Wenke Greenhouses at 5888 Market Street. EndoTherm was installed in February 2020. The pilot was also part of an initial review of the technology by Consumers Energy / Franklin Energy in Michigan.

A baseline was run using historical data between May 2017 and January 2020 normalised using Heating Degree Days (HDD) from Kalamazoo / Battle Creek Airport in Michigan at a base-load of 65°F. The initial baseline showed a significant increase in consumption during the February – May periods which is in line with the main growing season for the site.

HVAC consumption makes up for about 50% of total gas consumption on site. It is thus expected that
EndoTherm savings will be between 5-8%.

Figure1: Pilot baseline identifying increase consumption during Feb-May which is the main growing period.

Figure 2: EndoTherm analysis compared with the growing season baseline.

As the post-EndoTherm pilot period falls under this growing period the baseline will focus on consumption between February and May.

The three months after EndoTherm was installed was compared to the pre-installation baseline. Each month the known HDD value was input into the trend-line equation (y = 2.2974x + 2845.7) to determine the predicted consumption. The difference between the predicted consumption and the recorded consumption is the recorded saving on site:


Month HDD Predicted Consumption (MCF) Actual Consumption (MCF) Difference (MCF)
March 774 4,623.9 4,358.5 265.4
April 591 4,203.5 3,753.0 450.5
May 273 3,472.9 3,075.0 397.9
Total 12,300.21 1,186.5 1,113.7



Total Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$6,013.98 (USD)

Total CO2e Saving:

134,420 lbs



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