Following last weeks spotlight at 200 Rue Montcalm (for more info click here); the first heat pump pilot in North America and first commercial pilot in Quebec, we have the pleasure of releasing the details of a 13-month pilot at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Waterloo Ontario.

Whilst not the first pilot in Ontario (That accolade goes to J&B Greenhouse) it is the first commercial case study in the province and one of the first healthcare pilots in North America (behind the great study conducted just south of the border in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Healthcare locations are deemed critical environments and its easy to understand why. The need for hospitals to keep warm is of vital importance to aid those inside. This creates an interesting paradox where consumption is high (due to 24/7 heating demand) but they are often the last to be upgraded…. if at all. 

A hospital ward for example cannot easily be retrofitted as it is unlikely to be shut down given the constant demand for its services. Facilities Management are also unlikely to risk the integrity of the system with anything simply to save a few $$. 

EndoTherm ticks both these boxes. It is easy to install without any equipment downtime and over the past 5-6 years the product has confirmed combability with leading brand boilers; inhibitors; glycols and other system components. Installing EndoTherm into a tight system will not impact on the systems integrity and these compatibility confirmations from the likes of Viessmann, Bosch, Lochinvar can inspire a lot of confidence in the marketplace. 

The pilot at 850 King St was run over 13 months to showcase extended benefits of the product. Summer consumption was eliminated because the heating wasn’t used giving us 8 months of ;’winter’ for comparison. Over these 8 months there was a 12.09% reduction in demand which quantified as a $1,170 saving. 

The natural gas saved would release 8,100kg (8.1 Metric Tonnes) of CO2e into the atmosphere. This is the same amount of gas sequestered by over 9 acres of forest per year (stats from the EPA)

This is a great success for the EndoTherm technology and a good boost for our local partners in Ontario. We hope to replicate the success EndoTherm has been having in British Columbia and Alberta across Canada and the United States over the next heating season. 

For more information on the case study click here