This weeks case study spotlight focuses on the recent success of real estate development company; Multivesco. The proof of concept EndoTherm pilot, run at their head office (200 Rue Montcalm) is;

  • First Heat Pump Pilot in North America
  • First EndoTherm Pilot in Quebec
  • First Pilot in associaiton with WSP

The heat pump uses electrical energy to supply both heat and cooling to the class A office building. EndoTherm can therefore be utilised to improve heat transfer efficiency during both seasons thus providing efficiency benefits 365 days a year. The improvement of heat transfer reduces the required workload of the heat pump to maintain thermostatically controlled temperatures within the building.

The pilot; run over 6 months showed a 11.64% improvement in HVAC efficiency which amounted to $7,011 CAD. A reduction in CO2e totaled 110,400kg.

This is a great success for the EndoTherm technology. The first heat pump pilot in North America and the first pilot run in Quebec, Canada to follow up existing success in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The pilot will be reviewed by the senior energy team at WSP whilst this business case (ROI of less than 1 year) will be used by the management team at Multivesco towards a roll-out of applicable hydronic HVAC systems.

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