Did you know EndoTherm is part of the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme? 

Since April 2019; EndoTherm has been part of the Northern Ireland government funded sustainable energy programme. This is the second utility program of EndoTherm worldwide and sees the product installed alongside a full gas central heating network with cavity wall / loft insulation, LED light bulbs, climate controls and water saving devices. 

EndoTherm is also the only named product on the list. This shows the great strides the product has undertaken to establish what is historically a skeptical marketplace. This distinguishes EndoTherm’s PROVEN performance over other technologies that have come before. 

Funding is available for those considered to be ‘fuel poor’ and is administered by Fusion 21 Heating who have been using EndoTherm for close to 5 years with continuous success.

More information can be found here;

Utility Regulator (Gas, Electricity, Water): NISEP Program. 

Energy Saving Trust website: 

Note: the first utility program is with Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and more information can be seen here