About 436,000 Canadians and 2,250,000 American citizens work in energy efficiency. Despite being a relatively new markett is one of the fast growing industry sectors in North America. 

Energy Efficiency Day recognises the great work conducted by the sector in an effort to improve efficiency; reduce waster; increase education to make the world a cleaner, greener and happier place. 

Whilst not universally supported in the continent; the individual steps taken by the likes of the City of New York (who ambitiously aim to eliminate all GHG emissions from their activities by 2050) or British Columbia Housing (reduce GHG emissions by 80% by 2050) show great ambition. 

EndoTherm is a small part of this larger picture but can play an important part nevertheless. A reduction in building consumption is one of the easiest, least invasive ways to help reduce GHG emissions. Every GJ, Therm, MCF or BTU that doesnt need to be consumed to heat a building is CO2e that isnt released into the atmosphere. One of our partners reduced their CO2e emissions by 170,000kg (170 Metric Tonnes) alone by installing EndoTherm into 12 of their properties. This is the same emissions as 36 medium sized family cars per annum. 

EndoTherm can also be used in the transition away from natural gas sourced heating units to electric heaters and heat pumps run on renewable power. These Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) systems need expensive large terminal units / emitters to operate to the comfort conditions we take for granted in buildings. EndoTherm can help bridge this performance gap and improve the efficiency of heat pump systems. 

So to our fellow industry colleagues. Happy Energy Efficiency Day!! And keep up the good work.