Independent Testing

Endo Enterprises (UK) Ltd have performed independent tests on the performance, longevity and corrosive nature of EndoTherm™


University of West Scotland


Enertek International


Novator Ltd

Enertek International

Enertek International are a renowned R&D company providing independent and cutting edge test facilities to the gas, oil, renewable and electrical appliance industries.

The EndoTherm™ solution was tested in a controlled gas fired central heating system at the Enertek International Research Establishment during December 2013.

Direct comparison tests with and without the recommended concentration of EndoTherm™ additive in the system water indicate that the gas consumption of the boiler in the heating system can be reduced by up to 15%.

The difference EndoTherm made on a tightly controlled lab based test can be seen below. 

Declaration of Product Performance

“Direct comparison tests with and without EndoTherm in the system water indicate that the gas consumption of the boiler in the heating system can be reduced by up to 15%. This empirical evidence indicates that the addition of EndoTherm™ can significantly reduce gas consumption and therefore CO² emissions”

Corrosion Inhibitor Compliance

“The addition of EndoTherm to a solution of inhibitor in both hard and soft water applications does not affect the corrosion inhibition on mild steel, aluminium or copper”

Anti Scaling and Silencing

Use of EndoTherm allows “the heating system to be maintained at its most effective operating conditions by reducing internal scaling as well as reducing noise levels”

Enertek International

Independent leading R&D company, Enertek International






The University of West Scotland in partnership with the Institute of Biomedical & Environmental Health Science (IBEHR) and the Scottish Funding Council ran a full chemical peer review on the use of EndoTherm as a surfactant in improving heat transfer efficiency. 

The review included a desktop analysis on improvement in thermal transfer using a small compartment cell apparatus. With the addition of EndoTherm the rate of heat transfer improved by 19.2%. Interesting results also showed that EndoTherm cools (or liberates its energy) much faster than other samples. 

UWS also attempted to replicate the improvement in heat transfer with other thermally stable, organic surfactants and were unable to replicate the performance of the EndoTherm technology. 



The performance of EndoTherm was tested by the Ukrainian State ‘Scientific Production Center – Novator Ltd’ to validate the claims of the product and the marketing claims by the EndoTherm partner in the area. 

A small test rig (using a 2kW power strip and small double panel radiator) was set up with a room with set ambient of 7°C. Measurements were made on the equipment of the research laboratory of the department “Methods and Devices for Quality Control and Product Certification” at Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas and conducted by associate professor T.R. Bodnar.

The total consumption of electricity consumed in the 10 cycles of the stand was calculated using an attached electrical meter.
For experiments with the coolant with the additive EndoTherm;

For experiments with a coolant – water

This is a 18.28% reduction in energy supplied to the system to run these 10 cycles.

University of Central Lancashire

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) has a number of internationally recognised research centres that provide access to the universities expertise of staff, students, graduates and outstanding facilities.

The performance of EndoTherm™ was tested by UCLAN at the Burnley Campus workships in November 2013. The recorded gas consumption for the two tests were compared and the results indicated that the solution containing EndoTherm™ consumed 10.4% less gas than the test containing only water solution to reach the pre-determined set point.

Tomorrows Air Solutions

Tomorrows Air Solutions (TAS) are the most experienced and largest manufacturer of bespoke heating equipment in the UK. They offer indepedent advice and service to the restoration industry. TAS created a sealed test chamber in which heat exchangers moving 500m³ of air every hour aimed to heat a wooden block up to a core temperature of 50°C.

Results showed that the water dosed with EndoTherm™ used 23.7% less energy to raise the temperature of the block when compared with water alone.

The Meadowhead Consultancy

Tests on the corrosive nature of EndoTherm™ was conducted by Meadowhead Consultancy using a Buildcert test rig over 14 days in both hard and soft waters. Both metals and seal materials showed less corrosion in EndoTherm™ dosed systems then compared with untreated hard and soft water.

The test backed-up an on-going study carried out at a local college. An inspection of the heating system after 21 months confirmed that the system was in excellent condition and there was no deterioration whatsoever in the Buderus boiler aluminium heat exchanger, or in the copper pipework of the system.

In addition, the energy saving characteristics of EndoTherm™ that had been evident in the initial trial period, were maintained throughout the extended 21 month trial period.

EndoTherm corrosion test results

Real Life Case Studies

EndoTherm has been piloted and the savings confirmed in numerous commercial buildings of different sizes and use.