As of the 1st July 2020, EndoTherm will be supported by a prescriptive rebate from FortisBC under their new HVAC Controls Rebate Program. This is the first rebate of its kind in North America.

‘While not a typical building control, hydronic additives are chemical additions to heating systems that improve the system’s heat transfer efficiency. For buildings with hydronic heating systems, this small change can have a big impact on reducing the overall energy use in the building’

The rebate, which covers $200 per gallon is suitable for any non-domestic FortisBC natural gas customer and follows three years of Research & Development by the utility which included over 25 pilot installs with some of the largest organisations in British Columbia.

The rebate will be administered by EndoTherm Manufacturing Partner Pace Chemicals

‘This is a fantastic endorsement for EndoTherm and encouraging to see the rebate programs available in the UK & Ireland being replicated in North America. The review by FortisBC was very thorough and incorporated pilots run by four of their funded energy specialists, whilst data was reviewed by two established energy consultants in the province. The rebate should bring most projects in BC down to a 12-15 month ROI making it very cost effective during this challenging economic time period’

Dale Edginton

Operations Manager (North America), EndoTherm

HVAC Control

EndoTherm is now supported by HVAC control rebate schemes.

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How EndoTherm Works

EndoTherm is a unique energy saving hydronic heating additive, independently proven to save up to 15% on heating consumption! But how does it work?

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