In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provinces in Canada have implemented various taxation on carbon emissions. Alberta, for example, has implemented a $30/tonne carbon tax (around $1/50/GJ) which increases rates for Albertans by 20-25%.

This has increased the onus on energy efficiency and energy managers/ building operators get bombarded with technologies and strategies to reduce their water, electricity and heating demand. With a limited budget many of these technologies struggle to make sense commercially, Return on Investment timelines of 60-100 years is not useful for the majority of building owners.

EndoTherm is an attractive option, easy to install with no system downtime required, a marketed up to 15% reduction in consumption of heating/cooling systems with a typical ROI of less than two years but its innovation is also its main issue. With four years of data in the UK and two case studies in the US prior to 2017 (including the US Navy) there was a lack of evidence in the North American market.

Main Street Equity Corporation own over 11,000 residential units in more than 600 buildings across Canada. After meetings with EndoTherm representatives in Canada they became the first organisation to run a pilot on Canadian soil. This study, conducted over the 16/17 heating season, showed 17.4% savings at Merante Manor in Calgary, Alberta.

Originally planned to run across 30 sites (one site was removed due to required maintenance on a leaking system), EndoTherm was installed into 29 of Main Streets sites in November 2017. The buildings were selected by Main Street as they were reflective of their total housing stock and would provide a stronger business case moving forward. Over the next five months the energy consumption was tracked and compared with historical baselines using Heating Degree Days and regression modelling.

On completion of the study the 29 buildings showed an average saving of 11.39%, the table below shows the projected ROI (based on low summer usage) of just 1.2 years. Based on a reduction in a gas usage, the sites also reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 270 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide.


Five Month Savings and Cost Summary – Calgary & Edmonton Apartments
EndoTherm Investment Total Savings ROI Carbon emission reduction
$68,760 (CAD) $42,977.04 (CAD) 1.2 years 273,978 Kg CO2


With this evidence base, Main Street now have all the required due diligence to launch a full site rollout across their housing portfolio. Combined with good water treatment, EndoTherm will continue to save for at least eight years meaning the product will pay for itself 5+ times over during its proven life span.

Over the 2017/18 heating season EndoTherm has been piloted by over 40 organisations in both Canada and the United States to help validate performance claims made from across the Atlantic. With proven performance adding to its returns and easy installation EndoTherm is a no-brainer!