On paper, EndoTherm appears to good to be true. An easy to install; fit and forget technology with independently proven savings up to 15% in comfort heating and chilled water applications.

The naturally sceptical energy efficiency marketplace typically dismisses innovations with these bold claims but over the last 6 years, EndoTherm has built up an impressive resume with installations across 6 continents in the likes of Heathrow Airport and the US Navy to name just a few. This has been made possible through a strict M&V regime which allows building operators and energy manager to identify improvements in building efficiency overlapping with the install of the technology.

But what happens when the product has been proven to the end user? Well the too good to be true nature becomes an asset for the technology.

EndoTherm was recently piloted in 8 public houses in the UK by Young & Co Brewery. The 8 pilots run over a heating season showed average savings of 17% and a Return On Investment (ROI) within 6-8 months.

For a building manager; running a small pilot is often easy but facilitating a whole portfolio roll-out can be much more challenging. To achieve practical time frames there often needs to be strict planning; training of additional staff; iron clad logistics and sometimes the closure of a building to allow the energy efficiency measure to be implemented. For many this additional cost and time invalidates the commercial attractiveness of the cost savings.

Not for EndoTherm! Once proven the ‘too good to be true’ label is the products biggest strength.

Young & Co installed EndoTherm into 240 locations around the UK over a 6-week period. The simple installation meant no additional training was required; no buildings had to be shut down and planning wasn’t a project stifling additional cost.

Based on the pilot performance; the installation of EndoTherm into the 240 locations is expected to save Young & Co 4,900,800kWh per annum with a 5-year projected financial net saving in excess of $1,000,000 US Dollars.

EndoTherm is one of the easiest energy conservation measures to install and implement and thus one of the most realistic ways for portfolio managers to impact their entire estate.

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