Case Study

The Victorian Apartment Complex
Bentall Kennedy

Calgary, Canada



$882.50 (CAD)


7,589 kg

In a continued effort to lower operating cost, reduce emissions and expand on sustainability goals, Bentall Kennedy installed EndoTherm into The Victorian, apartment complex in Calgary.

The Victorian was selected for install due to a recent energy audit and only two natural gas appliances. The Victorian is a multi-family residential complex constructed in 1972 consisting of a two-story building with one level of non-heated parkade. Primary space heating is provided by one, natural gas, 62% AFUE efficiency, 600MBH Superhot brand boiler that accounts for 94% of the total natural gas load. The site was cleaned and flushed during the EndoTherm installation. Typically this can account to 5-10% in efficiency improvements.

The trial period which forms this case study was based on the historical baseline natural gas usage versus heating degree hours. All utility data was provided for use by Bentall Kennedy and verified by a 3rd party Professional Engineer, Doug Mulley of Mulley Engineering Inc.

Bentall Kennedy utilizes an energy use dashboard to track natural gas consumption compared to previous years. Calgary weather Heating Degree Hours (HDH) based on 18°C are used to provide weather normalized data for comparison.

EndoTherm The Victorian - Bentall Kennedy Regression Graph


Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:

$882.50 (CAD)

Total CO2 Saving:

7,589 kg

The historic average purchase price for natural gas during the trial months was $5.93/GJ and was used to determine the current savings of return on investment of $882.50 in six trial months. The yearly fuel savings is calculated to be 236.19GJ per year for a total monetary savings of $1,400.66 which gives a return on investment of just over 12 months. A five year saving of $7,003 was also calculated.

Comparing the previous baseline months versus the trial period for The Victorian apartments, natural gas consumption was reduced by the EndoTherm trial. Resulting emissions were verified to be reduced by 148.84GJ or 7,589 kg of CO2e in six months.

The carbon tax savings equates to an addition six-month savings of 59GJ or $59.65 in 2017 under the $20/tonne tax and 90GJ or $136.53 in 2018 (excluding February). Yearly reduction is calculated to be 236.19GJ or $358.30 in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. This equals a total calculated savings of 60,228.45 kgCO2e and $1,791.50 in five years.


“As a National Property Management Group we are presented with a variety of energy saving solutions. Most of these don’t pass the test. Quite a few of us were skeptical of EndoTherm’s savings claims as being too good to be true. After fact checking reviews and technical due diligence, we decided to pilot the use of EndoTherm at one of our Calgary properties. The property had an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy audit, monthly trend data for benchmarking, and no other recent energy conservation measures in place. We were happy (and surprised) to confirm 21% fuel savings after the EndoTherm treatment. Based on my experience with both the product and the group supporting it, I would readily recommend EndoTherm to any property manager interested in reducing both operating costs and environmental impact at their buildings.”

Lindsey Tourand

P.Eng, CEM, Manager, Technical Services, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP


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